Rust Boosting

Choose the items you like and our team of boosters will join your server, farm those and deliver to you. All services available on all PC servers including Hardcore and console PLAYSTATION/XBOX servers.

PC (91)


XBOX (86)

How it all works

1. You pay for what you need

2. You say the name of your server and say the location (square) of your base

3. After that, we go to the server you specified and start farming your resources

4. After completing the order, we leave a small base next to the coordinates you previously specified and inform you of its location and password from the base


After receiving your order, we will contact you in an online chat or by e-mail and discord and proceed with the execution of your order.

Orders are executed on average from 2 to 24 hours, it depends on the online server and the workload of the order itself

We will most likely have to either cancel the order and reissue it, or you will just have to pay the difference in the cost of the goods, or vice versa if you ordered on XBOX or PLAYSTATION and play on PC

Since there are very few boosters who can farming on the console game, accordingly, because of this prices for some products have been raised from 0 to 100%

We do not need accounts, we only need information about your game platform and the name of the server with the location where to leave you a base with your resources.

You can write to us about it in live chat or by email and discord about it and we will help with ordering

You can get a promo code for a discount if you purchase here quite often, but if you want to make a large order, you can say in the live chat to get a promo code